Wake & Surf technology

Maximize every moment


Precise wakes and waves on start here. Our patented system automatically manages hull position to deliver maximum wakes and waves to any rider, in any water condition — all without interrupting your passengers or distracting your driver.

Wakes and waves have never been smarter

Creating the industry’s best wakes and waves is a group effort. Namely Swell™ Surf 3.0, Supra® Launch System and Supra SmartPlate™. These intelligent systems work in concert to provide you with a riding experience like no other.

Swell 3.0 Surf System

The Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push all the way through—perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side.

Supra Smartplate

The Supra SmartPlate optimizes hull position for better wake and wave control and can be used to smooth out the ride in rough water.

Supra Launch System

Both the Swell Surf System and SmartPlate deploy during acceleration to get you on plane faster.

Swell Surf In Action

Supra Swell Surf System | 2019 Supra Boats from Supra Boats on Vimeo.


When creating an extraordinary wake surf boat, not just any powerplant will do. That’s why we’ve selected the potent Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine. It provides maximum low-RPM torque with class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions.


When it comes to form and function, Supra has you covered with innovations like our Chill Tech Vinyl, the FxONE Power Folding Tower and more. Because details matter.