More power and control than ever before.

Dual Stern Thrusters

Precise Control.

New for 2021, our exclusive Dual Stern Thrusters give you precise control from a simple twist of a knob. Designed for improved maneuverability while docking, trailering or picking up a rider, you’ll have more control on the water than ever before.

Our unique Dual Stern Thruster System includes two 24V thrusters located on the transom corners which provide efficient control while minimizing energy consumption.

*The Thruster Control Knob patented technology is covered by U.S. Patent No. 11,014,638 and other patents pending. See more at

Utilizing the Dual Stern Thrusters is simple and intuitive. With the turn of the throttle knob you can activate the Thrusters in burst mode in either direction. The intensity of these bursts can be adjusted on the side touch screen.

The system's smart feature, Dock Hold, is integrated directly into the driver's center screen. Dock Hold assists by powering a single motor at a reduced intensity in the given direction. Holding the stern of the boat temporarily against the dock, allowing the driver to secure the bow line from inside the boat.

The system is designed to easily maneuver the boat in tight quarters. It allows the driver to easily adjust the boats stern position, giving you precise control and enhanced safety when maneuvering in tight spaces, retrieving a rider or trailering your Supra.



There’s a science to making precise wakes and waves. With innovations like our AutoWake ® Leveling feature and the Supra Launch System, it’s clear we’ve put more thought into your ride than anyone.


The power of the Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine is something to behold. It provides maximum low-RPM torque with class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions.