400 | 450

20' 11"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,300 lbs

Standard Ballast

Starting at $127,600

An achievement in crossover excellence, the Supra® SR™ has all of the features and luxury that can fit in 20'11".


400 | 450 | 575

22' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,500 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $142,800

Impressive features and performance define this build. It’s also the Official Towboat of Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour.


400 | 450 | 575

23' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,500 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $144,800

A larger boat means bigger wakes and waves. This boat is built for unforgettable surf and wakeboard sessions.

2021 Supra SE


450 | 575

24' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

4,100 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $157,400

Our biggest towboat sets the bar of what a towboat should be. The 2021 Supra® SE™ is the benchmark in towboat performance.

Supra reviews

Find out what Supra owners have to say about their towboats.

Supra 450 SA

Douglas D

We are extremely happy with our Supra. The wave is incredible and easy to adjust for all type surfers and switching sides is fast and easy with the steering wheel controls. The stereo is better than any other surf boat I have surfed behind We like everything about the boat and are super satisfied.

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2021 SA400

Kent S

The wake and surf wave on this boat is pro level, so easy to set up. Luxury features like the chill tech and JL sound system are impressive, but the Thrusters are next level in docking control, I will never own a boat without them.

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Todd K

We looked at the other major brands and was very impressed with the Supra’s performance, accessories and looks. What a great boat!

I've had many boats. All of the major wakeboard and tournament boats. The Supra SA is a fantastic boat and we are very happy with our decision to go with Supra.

Nick S

The Supra SA is a great boat. We surf and wakeboard with this boat. It rivals the top boats in the industry in every comparison.

Superior wakesurf boat-----SUPRA

John H

If you live in Indiana and want to enjoy wakesurfing, there is only one boat and one dealer to do business with------Supra Boats at Prowake Watersports. Period! A superb boat and more importantly-----great sales and service!

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Supra 450SA


Really enjoying the new boat. Very impressed with all the little attention to details. Fun to operate.

Commitment to the highest quality built boats

Garrett A

This is our second new Supra in 2 years. Our friends liked our 2019 SL so much they wanted to buy that boat. We designed a new SA for 2021 and it didn’t disappoint! Both boat’s fit and finish has been top notch and surpasses many other manufacturers, which becomes very apparent while on a factory tour. SC along with our dealer support and service is hands down the best in the industry. Many thanks to the manufacturer team and their support whether it be a Facebook group or by phone. SupraStoked

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Great All-Around Surf Boat


Great value for all of the features that I received on my new Supra SA.

Everything you need and more!

Michael S

Having previously owned a Rinker, then Moomba and now a Supra, hands down the best decision we have made. The water is our passion and therapy at the same time. While there are boats that would "get the job done", the convenience and creature comforts of this boat are amazing and make it that much more enjoyable. We debated heavily with such a large purchase and couldn't be happier with our decision. Looking forward to great memories being made and our future with Supra. Thank you!

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Relaxing Comfort On The Water

Matt P

The Supra SA 400 is designed and has the functionality to take the hassle out of water sports and maximizes our time with family and friends.

Love our 2020SA

Stephanie W

2020 Supra SA400. Love this boat!

Marine Products Rocks!

Jason K

Marine Products is a great place to do business. Jeremy is very knows everything there is to know about the Supra and Moomba line. You cannot find a better person to purchase anything you need for the water. Jimey in the service department is great! Things always work and they always take care of me. I recommend them both to all my friends and family.

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Supra SA 22ft is the best Surf boat under 23ft


If your lake only allows up to 22ft boats then the Supra SA is for you. The boat has the best surf wave than any other boat on the market in this category. The SA price is also very attractive being 30k less than other leading brands that do not have half the wave.

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Supra SA 450 is Awesome!

Dolores C

We have wanted to purchase another boat for years and being stuck inside with our family last year during the pandemic gave us all the motivation we needed. We have been looking at Supra's for a few years and found our dream boat at California Marine Sports (Suisun City, CA). Kyle was very helpful during the buying process and our Supra SA 450 has exceeded our expectations on every level! We have enjoyed every minute being in the water with the SA 450.

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2020 SA 550


Great boat and surf wave!

Wow... what an upgrade.

Jerry H

I've had a few boats over the years. Old '89 Arriva. A '05 Tige 24V. Our first new boat, a 2019 23LSV, more focused on surfing. Each boat progressively better wake/surf than the last. I thought that was the pinnacle. Holy crap... it gets better. It gets SO MUCH better. The Supra SA400 surf wave, once setup (which the dealer did for me) is just turn it on an go, 2 people on the boat, or 10, perfect wave every time. The tech features of the controls/stereo/lighting are amazing. Amazing.

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Always end up buying another Supra

Matthew H

Have owned 3 different Supra boats over the last 6 years. My wife and I love our new 2020 SA400. We've found our 10 year boat, and couldn't imagine it being anything but a Supra!

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Supra SA450


Purchased a 2020 Supra SA 450 last year and can't say enough about the boat. Quality, appearance, engine, craftsmanship, and wake are second to none. I did a ton of research before buying this boat, and for the money and overall value, you will not find a better boat and you will not be disappointed with a Supra. Amazing!

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Best wave !

Dan L

I love everything about the boat but the best feature is the wave it makes. We bought the boat to surf and Supra boats make the best wave.

Supra Superiority

Steve A

Supra is the best boat in the category. Show me a better boat at a better price, and I’ll buy it.

Discover Supra classics

Take a 40-year ride down memory lane by exploring some highlights from the last four decades.